Care for WOMEN by WOMEN

We believe in a holistic approach to Gynaecology and Incontinence Management

‘Helping all women in Hunter+Newcastle to achieve a better happier life’… is our passion.

We ensure that our patients (whether or not privately insured) are seen as early as possible, either in Junction or East Maitland rooms.

To keep excelling at what we love doing, we focus only on Gynaecology and Urogynaecology private practice (and not Obstetrics).

We believe that every woman deserves a better happier life.

To help achieve this within our area of expertise, we offer a range of Gynaecological Treatments to women of all age groups in Newcastle-Hunter- Nelson Bay region.

Serving the Hunter community since last 7 years, we also take pride in being a pioneer in the region to offer innovative non-surgical treatments like Gynaecological Lasers and Neuromodulation.

Gynaecological conditions we treat include Endometriosis, Pelvic Pain, Fibroids, Infertility, Prolapse, Pap Smear Abnormalities, Vulval and Labial lesions, Vaginal Atrophy and Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome, to name a common few.

We also provide full range of Non-surgical and Surgical solutions to manage Urinary Incontinence.

Most of the surgical treatments are performed by key hole (minimally invasive) surgery technique.