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Pioneering Non-Surgical Treatment for Incontinence

Percutaneous  Tibial Nerve Stimulation (URGENT PC)

Now with Medicare Rebate

Various non-surgical options are now available at Advanced Gynaecology NH. The suitability of a particular option can be discussed with the Dr Sneha Joshi.

Urgent PC is Medicare rebatable, Neuromodulation (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) ) based treatment for overactive bladder and urge incontinence.

Dr Joshi is first to offer this treatment in Newcastle-Hunter region.

Now Medicare offers a rebate for this treatment.

Urgent PC is Neuromodulation based treatment for overactive bladder and urge incontinence.

It delivers stimulation to nerves that control the bladder (PTNS) by placing a slim needle electrode near ankle.

The palm-size device delivers mild electrical impulses which travel up to the nerves in the legs to the nerves that control the bladder, improving the bladder control and confidence.

12 weekly sessions of 30-45 minute duration are recommended for a long-lasting benefit, followed by a maintenance treatment.

Medicare rebate is now available for entire treatment from 1 Nov 2018.

As per many studies, upto 80% of the patients get better with Urgent PC treatment.

  • A simple, effective, walk-in/walk-out treatment
  • No undesired, serious side effects*
  • Minimally invasive treatment easily administered in a clinic – No need for hospitalisation or anaesthesia
  • Well-tolerated by patients with few associated side-effects
  • May be used alone or with other therapies
  • Patient sits comfortably with a slim needle electrode placed near the ankle. You may feel a small prick when the needle is placed.
  • A device is attached to the needle and delivers mild electrical impulses which travel up the nerves in the leg to the nerves that control the bladder.
  • Patients usually feel a mild sensation in the foot or leg during treatment
  • 30 minute weekly sessions for 12 weeks. If you get better with Urgent PC, you may have to come for treatments to stay better.

Some nerves and muscles around your bladder control how the bladder works. They can be affected by:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Surgery – prostate, pelvic, etc.
  • Getting older
  • Chronic disease- like diabetes
  • Trauma- like accidents
  • Being overweight
  • Many studies show up to 80% of patients get better with Urgent PC treatment.
  • Most Urgent PC patients go to the bathroom less and have less accident.
  • Urgent PC may work even if other therapies haven’t worked for you.

 How soon will it work for me?

  • It will probably take about 6 weeks for symptoms to change, but it is different for each person
  • In one study, patients got better between 2-12 weeks. For 1 out of 5, it took 8 weeks before they got better

Urgent PC Treatment Snapshot

More information about Urgent PC treatment, videos is available at

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The treatment now has Medicare rebate available from 1 Nov 2018.

It consists of 12 weekly sessions, followed by 5 fortnightly sessions, and a monthly maintenance treatment.

Medicare rebate is available for all sessions.

Please call 02 4965 4393 or 02 4936 6789 to know more about item numbers applicable, cost for each session, overall treatment and available rebate.

This is general information brochure for PTNS Treatment.

Please note that this brochure is not to be regarded as medical advice.