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Non-Surgical Laser Treatments for Stress Urinary Incontinence

1 in 3 women suffer from stress or mixed incontinence – leaking of urine – of varying severity. It can be very embarrassing condition to discuss, but it is good to know that it can be managed leading to a better quality of life.

The key advantages of this Laser treatment are:

  • Walk-in/walk-out procedure, no anesthesia needed
  • Incisionless, minimally invasive
  • Quick and easy to perform

IncontiLaseTM, an innovative and unique Er:YAG Laser therapy based on non-ablative photothermal tension and shrinkage of the urethral and anterior bladder wall region.

The treatment is composed of precisely controlled laser-induced thermal effects in the mucosal tissue in the region of the vestibule and urethral orifice, as well as in the area along the anterior vaginal wall.

Resulting collagen neogenesis and remodeling leads to the shrinking and tightening of irradiated tissues and consequent improvement in normal continence function.

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As per various research performed, a single session, possibly repeated after 4 weeks is sufficient for significant improvement. In a study performed on 155 women, 95% of patients were incontinence free for 12 months after treatment and a substantial improvement in quality of life, while 5% still had mild stress incontinence.

Whilst the treatment can achieve long lasting improvements, some patients may need repeat sessions as the natural ageing process continues.

Gynaecological Lasers are a new treatment. There is not enough research data available regarding the efficacy and side effects of laser treatments. The risks are unknown.

Patients are requested to make own choice by considering above information when choosing these treatments.

The Research publications are available on Fotona website, please click here and here and scroll down to tab named “Scientific and Clinical Research”.

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If you wish to have complete research papers for perusal, please let us know and we will try to arrange through Fotona where possible.

This is general information brochure for Laser and PTNS Treatments.

Please note that this brochure is not to be regarded as medical advice.