Care for WOMEN by WOMEN

Patient Information

While this is not a comprehensive FAQ section, we are providing answers to most common questions below.

Please feel free to call us for if you have any other queries.


We welcome privately insured and non-insured patients.

It is our policy to inform all fees prior to you booking an appointment, so that you can make an informed decision.

Consulting Fees

  • Our consulting fees are at par with other specialists in the area, whilst offering health solutions that truly exceed expectations.
  • Please call our center on 02 4936 6789 or 02 4965 4393 to know current fees and Medicare rebates, where available.
  • If a procedure e.g. biopsy or Colposcopy is required to be performed during consultation, then it is charged above consulting fees.

Operative Procedure Fees

  • Mostly all procedures are performed on a No Gap basis, for privately insured patients.
  • For patients not insured with private health fund, surgical fee quote can be provided, for performing procedure in private hospitals.

Fees for Laser and Urgent PC Treatments

  • Fees for Laser and Urgent PC are charged per session and are based on treatment option chosen. Please call our centre on 02 4936 6789 or 02 4965 4393 to know more regarding the recommended treatment sessions and treatment costs.

We do not believe in charging cancellation fees.

However, we understand that sometimes patients can not attend or have to reschedule an appointment due to unavoidable circumstances.

We highly appreciate notifying us (as much as well in advance you can) re your inability to attend the appointment so we can allocate those times to some patients needing urgent appointments.

Please call us 02 4965 4393 ot 02 4936 6789 in case you can not attend or wish to reschedule your scheduled appointment in the interest of other women who need to see Dr. Joshi acutely.

Our aim is to help you live ‘A Better Happier Life’.

To achieve it, our doctors, service providers and staff try their best to go an extra mile to make sure that your receive the care and service you deserve.

We work with our practice values of  ‘Patient Satisfaction’and ‘Professional Excellence’.

We ensure that these values are reflected in every aspect of what we do.

To help our exceptionally competent service providers and staff, we pay attention to every detail. For example, using only best quality equipment &  medical supplies, using new bed spreads after every patient, to name a few.


We endeavor our best to provide you with service exceeding your expectations.

However, on rare occasions, in case you feel not happy regarding service we provided to you, please raise your concerns with the reception staff and we will resolve any legitimate concerns immediately.

We value negative feedback as an opportunity to improve, so please do not hesitate in communicating your concerns to our staff or email to To resolve your concerns, we respond to you within a day for all email communications .


For us, a thank you note or like gesture from our patients goes a long way.  We cherish such positive feedback where our service and care delivery meets your expectations and helps you to live ‘a Better Happier Life’.