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kylie is a chubby woman wearing her hvsc uniform and smile


Kylie precisely understands the needs of a patient coming to a specialist practice. She efficiently ensures their queries are resolved promptly and they receive the service exceeding expectations. Her extensive medical administration experience and exceptional work-ethic is valuable contribution to the practice.

cassie wearing her hvsc and smile


Since last 3+ years Cassie has created a very positive impression of herself on every patient she has interacted with. With her energetic manner, she manages a variety of administration tasks very efficiently.

deborah is an old woman wearing her hvsc uniform and smile


Deborah is our Urodynamics nurse, with more than 20 years nursing experience. Her compassionate care and ability to make patients feel comfortable during difficult procedure like Urodynamics testing is always openly appreciated by our patients.

bec is bit little older, she's wearing her hvsc uniform and smile

Bec (Rebecca)

Bec specializes in pelvic floor physiotherapy. Quite a few of our incontinence patients feel better relief with physiotherapy, without the need of undergoing the surgery.